Saturday, April 25, 2009

Fish Leong's Fans Meet

Every week... Friday is the best moment! As it symbolizes the weekend... This really means a lot to me! I can sleep MORE... I can wake up LATE... I can idle at HOME... I can chase my DRAMA... I can hang OUT ! That's why the restaurant was named TGI Friday... Thank God It's Friday !

Yesterday, Friday Night... I went to Queensbay with my bro and his gf for Fish Leong's Fans Meet. It's not too crowded that people packed like sardine la... still managed to grab an okay spot. The host was Royce, MyFM DJ, it is my favourite FM channel ler! Like his humorous partnership play with Wai Fun during their 4pm - 8pm session - 四通八达. Undeniably, everyone is screaming when Fish Leong was walking out from the backstage while singing her latest song "There Is No If - 没有如果". Abit kiam siap that she just sang one song only loh. And then ler... there was a timeslot where 2 lucky audience were picked for having a chance to feat a song " PK "with Fish. It's very funny that one of the audience was teased by Royce.

Royce: Fish, can you see the floor with so many keys?
Fish: Oh, why?
Royce: The guy sing the till the song key drop!
*wow.. very cold uh*

The Fans Meet was ended with album signature session. I kinda like her latest album - Fish in Love and Songs especially There Is No If - 没有如果, Belong - 属于.... last but not least my favourite Love Song - 情歌. Soon she will have her concert - The Fish Leong Today is Our Valentine’s Day Live in Malaysia 2009 concert staged on June 13 at 8pm to wow her fans, her second on home ground after four years, visit for more details. She is indeed a brilliant singer who could bring up the soul of the love songs and hit our heart deeply! No doubt, the Asia Queen of Love Songs - Fish Leong !

Fish 梁静茹 - 情歌 Love Song

词:陈没 曲:伍冠谚 编曲:陈建骐

时光是琥珀 泪一滴滴被反锁

情书再不朽 也磨成沙漏

青春的上游 白云飞走苍狗与海鸥

闪过的念头 潺潺的溜走

命运好幽默 让爱的人都沉默

一整个宇宙 换一颗红豆

回忆如困兽 寂寞太久而渐渐温柔

放开了拳头 反而更自由

慢动作 缱绻胶卷 重播默片 定格一瞬间

我们在 告别的演唱会 说好不再见

你写给我 我的第一首歌

你和我 十指紧扣 默写前奏 可是那然后呢

还好我有 我这一首情歌

轻轻的 轻轻哼着 哭着笑着

我的 天长地久

长镜头 越拉越远 越来越远 事隔好几年

我们在 怀念的演唱会 礼貌的吻别

陪我唱歌 清唱你的情歌

舍不得 短短副歌 心还热着


还好我有 我下一首情歌

生命宛如 静静的 相拥的河

永远 天长地久

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Little Kiefer Boy

6th of March. It's considered a big day for me... my sis had delivered her first baby boy. It means i was an uncle now! Sounds so old rite? Erm... but my cousin had already become uncle when he was standard 6 only loh... so i think i am not too young for this title =) This cute little Kiefer boy is 1 month old now, most of the time i visited him.... he was Zzzz..... sleeping! It's good la, then my sis can have a good time taking care of him. And also my aunties said he looked alike me when i was small ler... for sure a good thing rite? haha! Anyway, do bless little Kiefer grows happily and healthily! =)

Saturday, April 11, 2009

1 week in penang loh ~

Yay, Here comes the weekend! I can sleep more loh bcoz 6.30am wake-up-working life really make my life pathetic! Anyway, its great that i just have to work for 4 days and can rest until monday tim~ hehe =)

It's already 1 week i'm staying in penang. Really thankful to my bro and his girl fren for their hospitality. I have a cozy room with everything ready for me... and even homecook dinner! It's just hardly express my million thanks in words to them. And quite paiseh to interrupt their coupled life oso. ^^"

Very nice view from the kitchen

What i have seen through my room window

Yesterday, i managed to learn some soldering skill. I think the last time i touched it was during my Form 3 "kemahiran hidup" subject. Uh... 6 years ago! But this time is totally different, as all the electronics components are so tiny after the SMT process and it's tougher that a mistake can make the whole PCB gone and saying goodbye to rm800. So, i just only can try it on a rejected board. Have a nice and helpful senior CM in teaching me alot... it's cool that i can solder the IC leads altot its just ma ma dei... not dat perfect la~ still a nice try out!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Day 1 in Venture

Today is the first day doing my internship at Venture Electronics in Penang. Hmm... Its an electronics manufacturing company which produces printed circuit board for customers. A new exposure for me seeing how's a factory works. The cruelest part is i had to wake up 6 sumthing every morning to prepare up myself and 8am to sign in... Wat a terrible thing ! Luckily its just 15mins driving distance from my bro's house. Nothing can do but sleep early loh....

The whole morning i was attending the orientation.. knowing about the company and also the details about the environmental, health and safety management system. Duno how many times i had yawned and "fished".... sleepy lar! Gaotim with lunch then went for ID and Car Pass registration... the coolest thing is the thumprinting system to sign in and out. Later i met up with my supervisor - Mr Johnson ( A Big Muscular Indian guy ) bringing me to the SMT Lab doing with Automated External Defibrillator (the thing that shock people for heart beat and consciousness) PCB. And then i was asked to follow a chinese senior - CM Cheah... had a short briefing from him about the process of product production. After that, i was taught by another guy - a very friendly and funny nepalist.. haha ! He was really helpful and taught me in so details tru steps by steps that i had known more about the overall product testing and documentation stuff. Tick-dock... Tick-dock.... 530 PM "bang gang" !

Hoping for a smooth working day onwards....
p/s: Happy Birthday to Khoon and Karen !

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Dinner at Jogoya

Due to idleness, i had neglected my blog for a period, yet another reason was i'm busy with my final exams. Anyway, the hard time was over with a stress-free celebration with my frens in Jogoya Japanese Buffet Restaurant located in Star Hill Gallery KL. Thanks khoon in finding us the voucher dat had a big save-up. Thinking back the salmon and satays... wah.. really make the saliva flowing out from my mouth. hehe ! The food and choices there no doubt better than Tenji... for sure i will drop there 2nd time ! =)

Now i am in penang, doing my 3 months internship here. Kinda excited and anticipate for my 1st day work on this tuesday. Hopefully everything goes well !