Monday, September 29, 2008

When september ends...

Wow... this weekend was really a great one... enjoyed a lot (that means have to spend a lot as well... no choice lo as entertainment is propotional to expenditure.... luckily its the end of month Sept ady... hehe... )

Friday night went to Genting with mechanical gangs as got free room by alvin. Somehow, its too bad that i get rejected into casino again bcoz of under age... Aiks... Still remember last April get rejected 3 times after several trials with different entrance. Frankly, i am not really keen to sneak in as getting rejected is not a plesant experience.... my confidence drop tremendously! In a positive way, mayb i have a young look =) Dat day, it's really smart and dare of my fren to sneak in by just giving 2 pcs of 1 ringgit note only covered with identity card to the guard for duit kopi (actually, it should be RM50) its illegal of doing this, the security guard kept promtply and didnt notice it... I was really curious about his reaction after knowing it.. haha ! At last, i ended up lim teh chit-chatting with jien hau (another small boy) at starbucks. Coincidentally met may peng, alfred, gary and his friends there... heard that shun wen was at Genting too... Omg.. this world is really small ler... so dont ever try to pat-thor undergroundly...spies are around =)

Saturday morning, we left genting for dim sum buffet at pearl point, old klang road. What i can say that it's really worthy and the taste is great especially the cheese baked mussels! i really cant wait to go there again.. hehe !

cheese baked mussels.. damn nice!

Sunday went to midvalley for movie - 画皮 Painted Skin (it's not Mamma Mia again...) Hey chan, its not "book skin" k ? altot hua and shu in traditional form looked alike... haha! Hmm... Painted Skin is a short story of the Strange Tales of Liaozhai, an action-romantic-thrilling movie centred on a fox spirit who eats human hearts for skin perfection that falls in love on a guy and tries very hard to grab his heart... exploring the realities of human nature and morality at the same time. Its quite an interesting supernatural themed chinese film with ghostly elements. Erm... but the movie pace is abit slow lo... pretty boring! Sumore some arousing parts were censorred too... so disappointed... hehe =) Anyway, the songs and background music is captivating as well as the gorgeous actress ! Hmm... not a bad film actually.. 3.5/5 rated. And hor... didnt really know that the movie has two version either cantonese or mandarin, blury bought the cantonese one.. so its kinda wierd of their conversation... i think it would be better in mandarin version!

Have our meal at dragon-i - 龙的传人... the food there is nice especially its famous "shang hai xiao long pao" but quite costly til jien hau get blamed for his good recommendation.... haha !

Its raya break now, everyone had gone back to their hometown. As dad is busy with his works, no choice lo, had to stay at KL to finish my reports and and prepare my coming tests then.... Happy Hari Raya !

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Another Choices...

Lately, i had read a blog of my fren.. talking about choices to face in life. I do agree with that... Life is just about making decisions.... and it's getting tougher and complicated when we are elder. Be wise, we should think the consequences of every decision taken to avoid upsetting anyone. However, is the decision a misery for you? From his say, every decision will lead to 2 choices either feel sorry to urself or feel sorry to others. Well.... life is like dat.. hard to have perfection.. hard to have a both win situation !

Most of us will face the same situation like dat.... you have to sacrifice own happiness for a better ending... or in another hand, you take a likable decision that will hurt your friends feeling... i think it is even more suffered and heart pain to make a decision dat is appalling to others as you will be entitled as a bad guy by the people around.... rumour do spreads fast! Basically, everyone has the right to do their preferred decisions. There is nothing wrong with every decision made as long as it is ethical. I know its hard to accept your friend does something sad on you, Hate on him??!! It will be a lie if you say NO. Wat we can do is take some time to fade away this intense dislike and forgive.... Urghhh.. sounds so fake rite? haha.. no choice lo.. hard to get a good friend!

I am a MY FM radio fans, used to listen to it when i am driving and there are always some meaningful words shared by the artists. I remember one that tells - A teacher draws a dot on the blackboard and ask his student what they have seen. All the students answered together "A dot !" The teacher shakes his head and replies... cant you all see a blackboard? " When others have done a minor mistake, we always try to exaggerate it but forget about his good deed. So, try to look for his goodness and forgive his mistake. Erm... wat if trying very hard to find but ended up with all the bad things and nothing good ler? Then ar... he is a disaster and this fella should be forgotten! Haha...

In my opinion, 时间可以冲淡一切! Just take some time to digest and forget all the sadness... then everything will be fine.. another good day again ! But it wont work on my studies... Aiks... cham loh! so much tests and assignments is due after hari raya break.... what i can do is "watch step move step" 见步行步 lo.... =)

Saturday, September 20, 2008


I had bad days with diarrhoea recently.... keep on evacuating watery feces for these few days. You have taken ur meals rite? hehe... Aiks... really no idea with wat wrong food taken. But i am getting better now, less stomachache after taking some medicine. Anyhow, i would think dat my housemates are really up to date to this latest trend as well... thanks for so supportive to face the same fate like me, so touched.. haha ! ^^

Well... these two days rest at home watching drama "Moonlight Resonance" 家好月圆... Briefly, this drama talks about the disaster happens in a family who establishes a famous reputation for their Moonlight Cake Shop. The time when human nature, family bonds and love are brought to a trail where the mother spends a lot of efforts unconditionally to strive for the well being of her family members! Wah... really addicted to it! No doubt to pay respect to their outstanding acting! It's damn qi kek and excited til i have finished 10 episodes yday... how nice if i have the same spirit in doing my revision! =)

Hey guys, do take care of health and drink more water ! and would like to wish my nice bro 俊宝 Happy Birthday !

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Dinner at Saisaki

Last saturday, went out for a dinner at Saisaki to celebrate jason's 21st birthday. Japanese buffet wo... no matter how busy i am also have to spare my free time for it! Erm... no lah... actually i am very sincered to celebrate his birthday as well ^^ Dat fella even booked it 1 week earlier... eh, so worried no one will celebrate with u there? haha... But, luckily he is still 醒目remember to invite me orelse....... i wll juz sleep at home oni lo ! =)
Saisaki Restaurant- somwhere around KLCC

Wat can i do there? one word... EAT !!! It's pretty much variety of food there, but for me, i would think dat the food there is normal and not dat fresh. I am still prefer my beloved Zanmai Sushi ! =) How about Jogoya? erm... quite costly la... (anyhow, my birthday is coming.. u guys be smart and 醒目la....hehe....)

Dat day, i had already surrendered after 3 rounds... really couldn't eat much recently.. aiks... rugi betul. Frankly, i always look forward for buffet but it's really suffering... stomach will be damn full !!! No choice, it's the fault of kiasu spirit !

Eh, i am just kidding with the jogoya treat and please dont take it too serious, later it's very hard for me to reject.. u know la, i am so kind ! Haha.....

Birthday boy - jason lee

alvin, jienhau, zhihong, chan

Friday, September 12, 2008

No more zhai nan 宅男 - homely boy!

Wow... its so unbelievable that the lazy bum here will go for sport... eh, its really a miracle for me to play badminton 2 days... even went to cheras badminton court played until 1am yday ! so please dont call me "zhai nan 宅男" anymore... i am 运动型阳光男孩 (sporty sunshine boy?) now... haha ! Since i came to KL, i seldom play any kinds of sport bsides swimming (still depends on mood la ^^ ), the last time i played badminton was last year if i am not wrong..... But my skill was not completely rusted yet la... i think my standard is still almost the same like Lee Chong Wei... at least manage to hit the shuttlecock over the net and did some 3E performance "Extreme, Execellent and Extraordinary"!!! haha... However, i had to pay for it that had a muscle pain for 3 days after the play on monday since i just know how to sit at home sleeping, eating and playing all the time and finding hard for me to exercise! Anyhow, It's really feeling great after sweating... get rid all the stress....

Yesterday, had my society's mooncake festival as well... u guys are really doing a great job in preparing it and the performance is awesome! jiali, peiling and munyi, juz realise u gurls looked great in gown =) bring it on the lady taste! and it's really an eyesore to see the sweet coupled py and cy, haha ! Btw, the jelly mooncake sales is not bad, thx for supporting la (it's not forcing rite? hehe...) n also appreciate khoon's mom for making the jelly mooncake until late midnite! It would be the last event for me in this EXCO board before retiring in this coming annual general meeting on monday... yday is indeed a memorable nite !

Yoo woo... today is my good buddy, Jason Lee's birthday... would like to wish ya Happy 21st Birthday ! He's really a humorous and amusing guy that good in singing new song that u wont ever heard before... haha! will laugh until die when hang around with him especially his expertized lame joke... sumore he is just staying bhind my house, aiks.... feel so unsafe that always can sense someone keep on peeping me through the window ! Haha...
Hey, all d best in ur mission... and looking forward to see your "HER"!

So.. once again to remind u all that i am no more a zhai nan 宅男 ! wakakaka... cheerzzz.......

Saturday, September 6, 2008

When it's the first week of September....

Yay ! Finally i have some time to update my blog since 5 days ago. Today, i had just finished my last paper - principle of management, mayb it is not a core subject, so really have no tension in preparing it yet having a nice and busy weekdays =)

I have a packed tuesday doing my sport & recreation test and technical communication presentation. It is a nervous one as i had a long time didnt stand on the stage to present, forget some of the points but still a clap for me lah.. ! Hehe.... The next thing to do with tech com is having a site and data survey on this sunday... Aiks... wat a troubling subject !
Wednesday is a great day with only one class ! Run my duty to interview the coming society committee board as well as updating my application with the student affair centre for a mooncake festival event at Muadzam Shah Pahang, ended up with cancellation. I really *fed up with their latest set of application procedures and also working attitude. No choice but just accept it since they are the ones who sponsor ur activities.... Wednesday woh.. sure grab the chance to watch movie lo.. cheap ma ! Went to Jusco Balakong with my frens to watch "钱不够用2". Besides the funny element, it is a really touching one that shows how greatly a mother can sacrifice for their children! Another well done and meaningful movie by Jack Neo... i am his movie maniac since “粱婆婆重出江湖", “钱不够用1”, "小孩不笨1 & 2", "跑吧,孩子!", "老师嫁老大", "I do I do", "Just follow the law"... i like his ideas by reflecting the singaporeans' life experience into the movie with humerous jokes and hokkien dialect, really enjoy watching them !

Thursday, had my classes throughout the day as usual but the last class was cancelled ! "Let's go for shabu-shabu! " Devilish Jason and Shy Lin's idea that breaks my revision plan... Gosh, it is really so hard for me to reject great food especially buffet style that u can eat as much as u can! Haha.... 6 of us str8 away drove to a Shabu-Shabu restaurant at Puchong called “强强滚". It is some kind of restaurant that you will take the food from 旋转盘 and cook it with your own steamboat. The food there is quite nice and fresh especially the pork slices. Erm... just the waiter services there should be improved! Since it is paid to eat unlimitedly, so must be kiasu abit la... keep on eating until so full! haha... a nice dinner with my friends there =)
wei keat, "Very Very LengLui " shylin, jason, me, khoon and joyly
Wow... here comes the weekend again! Uh... but still gotta wake up early for a meeting at 8am later.... Btw, Enjoy and cherish the weekend !