Saturday, October 25, 2008

Final exam is here !

In another 10 mins, i will be leaving to klang and catch my dad fetch to taiping..... there should be peaceful enough for me to do my revision.... Argh.... juz 6 more days left for my final exams.... 5 papers within 5 days, i do hope i can cope it well... So, no more slacking and have to pay maximum concentration on my books !

Hey uniten frens, all d best to u all in preparing final exams....

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sumimasen... Sorry...

Aiks... just sms and made a harsh decision to fly my fren a plane for not going the langkawi trip... i feel so bad and sorry about that... she had put a lot effort to organize it but ended up a cancellation due to most are not going as well. Sorry for the dismay and hope that she is fine.

I always have a problem in making a decision... always that poh poh ma ma... At first is a "Yes" then suddenly a "No", would change my mind easily in a sudden.... thats why i cant make a promise to others. An apology to whom i had disappointed. I would learn from it.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Time to switch on study mode...

Wat am i busy lately? Well.. no doubt... as a hardworking student like me... sure study lo ! WHEN the exam is on the next day la.. hehe =) Used to study last minute all the time.. Aiks... not dat easy to get rid of this bad habit as really hard to get into studying mood when the test is far away for few days... still early wat.. man man lai lo... But when the test is tomorrow 死到临头, will only start worrying and burn oil like hell... and dats the time i will be regret for not doing revision earlier... Sumore have to control my mind and keep reminding myself "Not to sleep !" while the bed is just beside you... Argh!!! Why i have to be so cham 歹命! Dats wat ppl always say 早知今日,何必当初 loh! Anyway, finally done with all my tests.. overall still not bad but still quite worried with random process... Now waiting for my final which is around 2 more weeks left... Wow! its pretty near.. time to wake up to swich on study mode lo!

Yesterday after microprocessor test, went to midvalley for my favourite zanmai sushi and then went to cheras playing badminton until 1am... so healthy life ler! hehe =) Tot that going to sleep after my bath... but at last ended up sitting in front of my lappie with "biggest brain" game again until 4am! Oh.. yea.. these few days i am addicted to an application in facebook "Who has the biggest brain"... it is a kind of game that separated into several parts to train your brain in memorizing, calculating and analysing. Marks will be totalled up to differenciate your rank. So.. have to "play harder" to beat others marks for higher rank! There is one day that i played until 7am in the morning and str8 away went for class... luckily it is just one period and fast fast drive back home to sleep after it... Damn zhuankeng.. suddenly shoot up to 3260pts.. how to defeat you woh !

Really cant wait for the 3 weeks holiday after final.... should be a well-planned and fulfilled holiday occupied with trips =) langkawi and singapore... So, have to start saving up now and cut off hanging out for movies and nice food! Haiz... so cham to stay at home during weekend... erm... mayb it'll be a good time to study for final then.. hope so !!! hehe... =)

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Women as explained by engineers

Last week was a nightmarish one with presentation and tests... can relax for some days before another comes on thurs. Yday evening went to UKM for their stage play 舞台剧- 落地生根. I was impressed of it... the drama was meaningful and nice and they are indeed professional either in acting or managing throughout this event.... no regret to buy a RM8 ticket for it.. hehe =)

Well... i have ntg much special to write lately, would like to share an interesting post emailed by my fren... pretty funny =) Hey gurls.... no offence ya ! XD haha....

Monday, October 6, 2008

Current Month: October

Current Mood: Great! Just completed my technical communication project report and presentation today... It's a relief !

Current Condition: Tired and sleepy! Didn't sleep at all yesterday to finish up my report and presentation... Abit frustrated with the mess and last minute work from the malay groupmates.

Current Thinking: Great time wont last long! Blur blur like dat and 1 week break so fast ends liao.... being zai nan at Kl home alone with reports and dramas. Experienced 2 hours blackout seemed exciting though.... hehe

Current Status: With girl i am gay, with guy i am straight... single but not available =)

Current Recommendation:

Movie - Eagle Eye... Damn nice with 4.5 stars rated! Quite qi kek and the storyline is interesting as well that shows how powerful of technology with unexpected enemy... a mystery and thrilling must-watched movie !

Food - Opulent court at pearl point OUG.... 30 bucks for dim sum buffet... sure no rugi and really ho-chak!

Music - Feeling Good by Michael Buble... i seldom listen to english song.. but it's a coincident that get to listen it from myfm last sunday... a jazz melody song that make me addicted to it although it's an old song of 2005. Michael Buble voice is so charming and charismatic...

Current Hope: Aiks... keith, please don't slack in front of your lappie again... study now lo! Random Matlab Assignment... Thursday Power System Test... and Friday Random Test... blessing ~ boh bi soon soon li li...

Currently at 1100pm, i have finished blogging and next at 1115pm, i will be on my bed and soon at 1130pm, i will be in my dreamland... tomorrow at 8am, another day... Tuesday! * it's a new dawn~ it's a new day~ it's a new life~ for me... and i'm feeling good ! (Erm... sounds so redundant uh... hehe! )

Friday, October 3, 2008


Finally, i have retired as an exco of chinese culture society... 3 years in serving the society... from a committee member to head of image and promotion unit until vice president, i have no regret! Frankly, it's a relief after the retirement as i am tired of organizing activities for years and do look forward to try something new, but yet i am really reluctant of pkc life. It is such a wonderful memories that couldn't be bought with money. I have learned so much and know a lot of friends who are so crazy and always shock sendiri! Miss the time having meeting until midnight, working hard together in planning the activities and hanging out together with so much of fun... haha =) Couldn't imagine how dull would be my university life without this chapter! Mayb i have not played my role very well in society and sorry about it but i do hope that the new exco board could bring up pkc for a better future! Long live PKC! Hmm... really cant used to the life without meeting now but not bad la... got much time to relax and hang out ady... hehe =)

Annual General Meeting 2008 - 15th Sept

Chinese Culture Society EXCO board 2007/2008 Back: weisheng, jhun, junhong, szeyoong, shounying, chenyew, loke, houwen

Front: peiling, hooiping, keith, pingyew, yuanruh, munyi, jiali

Chinese Culture Society EXCO board 2006/2007 Back: munyi, maypeng, chinhing, weeser, pingyew, keith, zhuankeng, karen

Front: alex, weiyi, shunwen, hooiping, szeyoong