Friday, February 27, 2009

3 in 1 Nescafe !

I've been quite busy recently. It's like 3 in 1 nescafe... Career fair, dance and singing practices... all come together in this week! Aiks... who asks me being so keypoh to involve myself in so many things... and now i'm complaining about busy busy and busy! I'm always like dat... if i'm very free, i will join this and that! and then... when all things come together with the assignments, quizes and projects, i will be regret that why should i make my life so miserable? My fren, vincent always said:" You sendiri cari pasal one! Tot that u will be free after quiting pkc... and now u are still busy with other activities! " and he will end up with "Come on! Let's go out chill chill~ clubbing to relax !" haha ! But it's really sienz doing nothing mah... altot it's quite tired... at least every minutes in my life is meaningful! Well.. a consolation for myself and also prove that i am not a zai nan !

24th and 25th - Career Fair at Seri Sarjana Hall UNITEN

It's really a great experience and i'm proud of being a part of uniten career team. Altot i didn't play a vital role and help a lot in this career carnival, but i am glad to know some other races new friends and no doubt in widen my sight seeing how a grand event is held which is totally different from my past experience. The hall is located abit far from classes, so the number of visitors are not really as good as we expect... Anyway, the career fair was still ended up with a success bcoz it's not easy to have 38 companies joining us due to the economic crisis....

So you think you can dance? Of course la ! i am going to perform on this coming wednesday for the Watt's Music Concert! Lolz.. i bet most of you will be very astonished with it! Haha...
After having a hard time in practising, i totally agree with what others say " 3 minutes on stage take 10 years of effort" It's damn true! Every single steps needs a lot of practices to make it perfect! Last time, i will keep on complaining how shit the ones dance on stage and now i totally understand their difficulties! Somehow, dance really requires natural talents as well ! Exactly like me! Haha... =p Shouldn't be so boastful.... orelse get teased like hell after my performance! Haih... will be having intensive training for these few days... and all d best to myself lah! Hmm... still doubting whether i can sing on dat night... having a bad sorethroat! cham....

Sunday, February 15, 2009

It's Valentine again...

12.02.09. It's my first time being at Lookout Point, Hulu Langat. Hmm... i have a slighly disappointment of it, mayb i have too high expectation... but still a breathtaking KL night view! Jason and vincent purposely went there to take picture! and the rest of us are just very keypoh to follow oni =) Wow.. dont play play with jason big white lens... its really $$$ ! We had our dinner at Gasoline there and went for a midnight movie - Red CLiff 2 at midvalley.

13.02.09. It's the valentine's eve. Follow dan and vincent went to the curve meet their frens and i am there for food hunt. At last make up our mind going to Marche again~Not as excited as my first time there... hmm.... choices seemed like not much. I had a steak and a pizza shared. After that, we had a lim-teh session at Empress Cafe. It's really great to know dan's kampar frens... really outgoing or shud be said as "crazy" ? haha... anyway, they are friendly!

14.2.09. Yesterday was Valentine's day... and it's still the same.. i am Single! For sure there is a bachelor's party and we went to celebrate at Poppy Garden. Well... always... i had been asking by lotsa ppl with the same question: why u are still single? are you a gay? why don't u find a gf? I will reply with the same answer... i need freedom ! Hmm... or mayb i am an individualistic one...
In details, let me explain why i prefer single rather than in a relationship.

1. Have my own time. I can manage my daily 24hours flexibly in doing anything i like! Go for happy hours with frens anywhere, anyday and anytime even until the next morning !

2. Full concentration in working. For those who are working, they can pay more time in their job to achieve their goals... no doubt to accept any order from company to work in outstations or training. For me, i can join and organize any events or activities without any worries!

3. Searhing for the Mrs. Right. I can take my time searching for the right one patiently without any regret. Well, i am not choosy! I just want to find someone who has a good attitude and share the same interest with me for not leading to an undesirable ending.

4. Being single, i dont have to pressure and changing myself in doing something i dont like for just entertaining her. I have a complete me.... express anything in my own style with no controls by others!

5. Privacy. The most important to be single is having freedom! Privacy means a lot to me. I need my own territory with no interruptions to do my own stuff like online, blogging, watching dramas and listening music.

6. I can earn and spend anything preferably for myself. My wallet will be safe from being squeezed until empty =) Don't have to buy her big diamond or 99 roses! Basically, a survey is done and shows that bachelor spends almost the same as their salary every month bcos they are more attracted by the advertisement and like to spend on those unnecessaries. I totally agree! Expenditure is seemed like flowing pipe water... really need to learn in managing my money.


-Quoted from my favourite magazine, NEWicon for him

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Worry !

It's quite hot today... was slacking in front of my lappie searching for JOB - internship! Aiks... sending out so many letters to companies in penang and yet i haven't got any feedback from them! Another one from motorola will only be notified by this end of feb... it's so late! Cham ar... I am getting worried as my industrial training starts on april but now i still haven't received any offer! I have to try my luck for KL companies now and so these few days was busy emailing my CV to related companies.... hope for success!

Yesterday was a great day, i went for a big feast at Tenji Japanese Buffet Restaurant in mont kiara with my frens. It's still abit costly altot promotion offered! Dun care lo since it's just once a while... sumore got ang pow during cny ady ma... so everything must have a try! We were too excited and booked it 2 weeks ago... kiasu enuf ler ! haha... no choice as it's always fully booked! However, the food choices there are abit less than jogoya from wat my fren said... but still fresh nd tasty la! Another bad thing was we were sitting outside bcoz there is a company "Lawre" annual dinner inside so, it's kinda hot! Anyway, the environment there was nice and i ate alot especially the haegan daz ice-cream!