Sunday, August 31, 2008

A Day in KLCC + Happy National Day !

Today is pretty tiring as i went to Suria KLCC for a part-time job to do a market research there. What i had to do is conducting a survey among the shoppers when they are going to leave regarding to their shopping habits and their expenditure in suria. It was my first time experienced so much refusals that manage to get 6 interviewee after 80 trials ! Mayb lack of charisma.. Hmm... no choice, gotta use seduction next time.. haha! I couldn't blame of their unfriendliness as i myself will be the same as well, hehe... bcoz it is really annoying when you are in a rush... but now, i just realize how hard and pitiful to work as it ! Do help them when you are being surveyed next time =)
This week i had finished my two major tests which are microprocessing and random process but still have another 2 awaits me next week. Therefore, i will become "guai zai" staying at home tomorrow to study and prepare my tech com presentation on tuesday... as i will be hanging out on monday.. sounds great!
Yoo hoo... It's 31st of august now, National day of Malaysia... Frankly, National Day means a lot to me... i anticipate to celebrate it every year... becoz i will have one day holiday! wahaha... but I am still very patriotic... i drive kancil ler !
Anyway, Happy Merdeka and Happy holiday ! Cheerzzz...............

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


"登... 登... 登... 登... !!! " Let us give *around of applauds to our Blog 坛新生代部落客.... Keith !

由于终日闲在家里做宅男,想想一下开个Blog打发时间还不错, 得空打些文章share share life experince 或者出出气 release stress,烦恼都少一些,最重要的是青春痘也减少! ( 近日与青春痘抗斗了两个月,看来这场仗有排打)
一开始Blogging 真的不知道要打华文还是英文好, 最后还是用回自己最熟悉的语言-华文再参些英文Rojak好了, 毕竟我的英文也是有限公司! 偶尔也应该会打篇英文的show下“koli”, 只可惜那些 English educated 的朋友就走宝了! 哈哈!
平时做事"热热鸡粪"(Translated from malay terms - Hangat-hangat tahi ayam) 三分钟热度的我, 这股Blogging的冲动希望可以继续下去啦... 也让那些够八的人知道我最近做些什么。想到明天还真爽,两节class都cancel, 但是一想到考试跟那个Technical Communication Project, 还真烦, 在家温书好了。
哇,用中文打真的有够力累! Anyway, thanks for dropping by to read my blog !
Nice days =)