Friday, November 28, 2008

The Lion City...

It's my first time visiting this Lion City... Finally, i can shout out " I had been to Singapore ! "
I spent my 6 days there with my cousin, JW staying in his sister's house at Jurong West. I really appreciate of her warm hospitality that provide me a whole package with accomodation, transport, SIM card, EZ link and Food that save me alot.. thanks so much!

What're my comments about S'pore? Hmm... I would say this modern city is really organized. All residential Flats seemed to be the same... without the block number really can get lost easily ! Convenient transport with bus and MRT... their frequency is high! not like KTM in M'sia ><" But it's really a phobia to me taking a bus as i need to travel by bus 2 way from house to MRT station everytime! Besides, the food and things there are cheaper with the living cost there if compared to M'sia.... i can buy my lunch there for only $2.50.

LohMee MOSBurger Fish&Co Jumbo Kopitiam Swesen's KimGary NihonMura

VivoCity BugisJunction Suntec IMM JurongPoint Tangs Takashimaya Lucky Daiso

ScienceCentre River SentosaIsland HawParVilla NTU Orchards Esplanade"Durian"

For sure it's exciting having my first trip to S'pore... visiting lotsa places and shopping around.. manage to grab some polo-t back.. hehe =) Addiontionally, i had watched "Madagascar 2" there as well! Anyway, I still think the food in M'sia is nicer... as the taste of hawker food there abit plain thou~ but the loh mee and hai nan chicken rice are still not bad ! It's really a plesant experience walking around at River sighting for a great night view of S'pore and also having a drink there! During this trip, i manage to catch up with my 2 frens there... Eric and ACP. Altot it's not abalone or lobster.. still thanks for their treat! haha XD and also my 9th auntie for the big crabs dinner ! Time flies very fast, 1 week of staying there is just gone like that and i will be starting my new semester next monday. Btw, i did enjoy myself... start to love this city... Singapore !

Haw Par Villa.... chinese mythological theme park, includes ten courts of hell with gruesome tortures depicted. Heard dat its haunted... haha!

A great morning in Pahlawan Beach, Sentosa. Wake up damn early at 7am that day ><", no choice as getting my cousin free ride heading to Vivo for train.

Nice view from Tiger Sky Tower. It's kinda boring sitting inside spin and spin... and bo liao ~ =)

Science Centre at Jurong. Wont forget to upgrade myself while enjoying in S'pore... so studious ler! Haha ! Actually its bcoz my cousin sister has free tickets lah... Quite crowded and lotsa science information exhibited.

My 9th aunt on stage... "luckily" chosen for help in a magic show presented at Science Centre.

Bugis Junction, its really a nice western architecture shopping mall as well as Tangs, Orchard for its pagoda design. Quite surprised to find out there is Wong Kok there as well! Btw, there is one day, I had my lunch at my favourite always restaurant.. Kim Gary at Vivo City! hehe...

Christmas decoration in Suntec Mall... hanging christmas trees. In this photo, the deco looked even more impressive with me inside! =D

Friday, November 14, 2008

I'm back !

Yo~ I'm back ! it's been a period i have abandoned my blogspot due to the hectic exams and laziness.... Bet u guys must be waiting for my blog till neck long... haha ! I had really spent almost whole week in library with books... since i cant concentrate at home with my lappie and bed around.... The exam week is really so stressful and packed till i manage to gab oni 10hours sleep within 5days... no choice... last minute hardwork have to pay for it ~ But anyway, those pathetic days are over.. i am having my holiday now... yoo hoo ~

Well... i had my 21st birthday celebration during examination corner, i would like to thank my fellow frens (khoon, joyly, jason ng, alvin, vincent, adelyn, jienhau, jason lee and chan) for celebrating it.... had a simple dinner in Kim Gary, Midvalley, abit out of tone uh.. haha ! Anyhow, its still a great dinner with a bunch of frens around =) After that dinner was rushing to meet my nice bro, ACP at Midvalley who dropped by KL for his work. Wat a sudden invitation from him several hours before.... Besides, wont 4get to thank jason, jh and chan for the nice shirt (mayb can think about blue next time? ) and it's really a big surprise to receive a parcel delivered by Eric... my 1st ever birthday present in delivery... thx so much! Next are my Sis and Bro for the $$$.. hehe =) Last but not least... appreciate and thanks again to all my friends who send me wishes via sms or testimonials! Finally, here comes 21 and step up to another stage of my life.... wat's my wish??? Hmm... simple enuf dat hoping my family and frens around are happy and healthy always and i myself having troubles-free ~ Yay ! NO more rejection into casino next time... =)

It's always feeling good after the exams, went to SteakOut steakhouse at Puchong for Joyly birthday celebration... i think there are still other branches in KL.... Erm... should be bangsar village if i am not wrong...
Starring: jason ng, khoon, joyly, wei keat and shylin

The food looked great in the photo rite? haha... Nice photo taken by jason BCOZ of his branded new SLR camera... erm.. okloh... cant denied he has some skill as well la, hehe... =) Anyway, we did indulged in the yummy food there...

Nevertheless, last sunday i went to Bukit Tinggi with another bunch of crazy gangs... not the shopping complex in klang but sumwhere a hill in Pahang... which is near to Genting Highland...

We're staying inside the French Village... Very nice western architecured buildings around. You'll 4get of locating at Msia but somewhere in Europe =) Sumore the weather there is chilling and the greenery view is so captivating rite!

There are some castles there... but still under construction.. Hmm... i think they are for accomodation purpose... for those to fulfill their dream as a prince or princess...

Night view of French village with dimmed lighting along the street. We spend our night in the apartment there with 3 rooms inside and it's really big and spacious.. Hmm... 20ppl shouldn't be a problem! It's so tranquil and serene staying there while enjoying the cool breeze.

Actually there isn't much entertainment in the french village.... along the street are some restaurants with italian, western and thailand cuisine as well as a pub for liquor. Well... there is also a small stage for performance shows of singing and dancing during night.

The next morning, we went to Botanical Garden for a "jungle trekking" and Japanese village... with only several huts inside ><" Can't miss out the Rabbit farm with cute rabbits running around... That's all the hotspots in Bukit Tinggi !

There are the ones who starred in this trip (alex, lim, karen, weeser, jason choong, yeemun, maypeng, alfred and ah tan) Hav'ing lotsa fun crapping around and did enjoy the cards game =) Wont 4get to thx ah tan and alex efforts in organizing it...

Hmm... 2 more weeks left for my holidays..... will be going back taiping tomorrow and next stop will be SG..... Phew~ finally gaotim updating my blog.. should be the longest one.. damn tired... hehe... wanna continue chasing my drama series ady "The Four". Hey guys... thx for dropping by and nice day lo ~