Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Finally, its updated !

1 day...... 2 days.... 3days....Uh... it's already 2 weeks i have not updated my blog! Aiks...very busy recently, have to go for classes... then got tests lah.... nit to do reports and have to prepare for the CNY night event sumore. No time to blog.. erm.. mayb too lazy for it as well la.. hehe! 1 day with 24hours is really not enuf for me... have to sleep late everyday and the next day sure late for classes.... sumore last thurs i skipped my morning classes becoz 8am is too early ady.... cant wake up..... cham ! Argh... my life is really inorganized! Time to schedule my time properly after the CNY break! Sleep at 11pm and wake up at 7am ! Wow... will it happens?

Well... I had bought myself a new phone last tuesday... SE C902 ! Woo ~ finally got a new phone after 2 years with my SE W710i... The preference of C902 is its thin design with 5MP camera resolution. Erm.. sumore its used by james bond in Quantum of Solace one.. ba bei ler ! haha...

Eh hem.... Ladies and Gentleman.. tuan-tuan dan puan-puan... saudara and saudari. It's pleased to inform you all that Chinese Cultural Society of Universiti Tenaga Nasional will be organizing CNY Carnival Night 2009 on this coming 3rd of February from 530pm until 1030pm at Library Theatre. Foods, Cultural and Game stalls will be running from 530pm onwards and the astonishing performances will be started at 815pm! Entrance ticket is only RM2 with 2 game credits included. For any enquiries, please contact Alex Soh 012-2841305 and your attendance is much appreciated. Thank you ! =)

Yay ! This friday will be going back to Taiping celebrating Chinese New Year... Anticipate for it especially the food and ang pows ! XD Lastly, wishing you all have a prosperous and auspicious Chinese New Year... Everyone stays happy and healthy always ~

~ Happy 牛Year ~

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Aiks... new year, new rule !

A for Apple
B for ....

Starting from 01.01.09.... the rear seatbelt rule will come into effect!
It's really a hassle to the passengers who is sitting back in the car... No choice lo.. have to train it as a habit ! orelse.. TICKETS !

What is the penalty for not using the seatbelts?
Well... the penalty is a fine of RM300 if f you do not wish to take the matter to the court to argue against the summons.... lolz...

Who pays the fine?
Below age of 17 = drivers
17 years old or older = Passengers

Anyhow, the car which was registered before January 1 1995, it is exempted from the law and passengers will not be committing an offence if they are not belted up.

How long do I have to install the seatbelts if they are required?
Like my kancil which is registered after January 1 1995 that do not have rear seatbelts, it is required to install it within three years from January 1 2009.

Manufacturers such as Perodua, Proton and Honda have offered to provide owners to install the seatbelts free of charge through their authorized service centres.

Now... sit back and relax this horror Ads !

Instead... it's much more Funny and Creative ! "Kan aku dah cakap, lain kali pakai tali pinggang keledar kat belakang ! " haha !

The moral of the story is.... it's still better to belt up for your own safety !

Friday, January 2, 2009

Two Zero Zero Nine

Yeah ~ It's the year of 2009 now ! I think it should be the hot topic that everyone will post in their blogs as well as SMS and comments will fly here and there =) Just right after christmas ended... my friends around already kept on discussing where to countdown for the new year... See! So many celebration and holidays with 1 week just have 2 days classes, how can a student concentrate on his studies ler? Haha ! At first, i had decided to join a wierd plan by ah dan going to klang eating bak kut teh but it's cancelled and sorry for not joining you guys! As sumore i got a better invitation from vincent, hehe! Erm... I think joyly and khoon with the Big Spotlight jason sure having fun at the new year countdown concert in Sg. Wang as joyly got 3 VVIP ticket from MYFM... she used to be so lucky all the time =) It must be great to have a close distance that can see those artists clearly performing on the stage in REAL! Anyway, i also "吾拾输" ng zap shu ! I went to "那个弯" - The Curve countdown for new year...

Worried of the hectic jam... we had departed from our house at 615pm and took us around 1 hour plus there... not that serious jam as what we expected. Excitedly, we went for a great dinner at Mache movenpick restaurant and met with vincent's sister and her friends there! We even queued for half an hour for the seats. It's an western restaurant with market concept. Marche means 'market' in French and the outlet is creative, colourful and innovative. It takes its concept from Southern European markets, very good environment. They will give you a "passport" once you go in and it will be stamped when you order your food. An abundance of cuisine is served and freshly prepared at numerous stalls like grill steaks, rosti, sausages, pastries, pizza, salads, mushroom soups with sunflower seeds, ice-creams etc... somehow its quite expensive =)

Lot G87, Ground Floor, The Curve, Mutiara Damansara, PJ
Contact: 03-7728 9200/03-7727 8461
Business Hrs: Daily (11am-11pm)

Passport for for ordering food

jienhau, jason, vincent, kokhoe and me

Makan liao... jason lee said wanna went around to shop for clothes but all closed ady so accompany jien hau taking his car back to seremban while having jason's car keys but we still stayed for our next plan... clubbing while countdown at Sanctuary! Ngek ngek ~ Oh... its really been a long time for me... should be 10 months ago since the last time i club during adelyn's birthday at BarCelona, Sunway. Expectedly, it's so crowded in Sanctuary... had a hard time squeezing inside to find for a table... at last got one near the exit door. No more coke... no choice... have to drink NEAT one loh! Thus, it took me 4 cups to get into Blury stage.. haha ! I cant drink but what i like about clubbing is the MUSIC ! The atmosphere there is the best to enjoy and dance along with the pop songs... hips dont lie.... still my favourite! heh XD Btw, its the first time i get drunk, but still not yet fainted la ! Still managed to assist the corpse - jason back to vincent's car and had supper at mamak nearby... str8 away fall to bed and slept till next morning once i reached home!

The middle one is chinleng, coincidently met him there wif his cheras friends

Wah... so red.. i am drunk!
Hmm... frankly, new year is not like other festival.. christmas and chinese new year that have to wake up early on the next day to church and visit relatives for ang pows.... but what can we do is sleep "gao gao" and rest at home only loh... or mayb it's a day for us to flash back 2008 and think about what we had done and achieved so far in the past one year. Thus, if we are still slacking behind... it's not always late to set our new goal and take 2009 as a starting point to strive for it! Like what others always say... NEW YEAR, NEW BEGINNING ma ! What's my hope??? Erm... i am not that ambitious like others... just mayb a BMW 5 series or my dream car mini cooper should be enough lo! haha... kidding anyway =) Simple enough... a very sincere wish blessing my family and friends around healthy and happy always.... world peace ! Uh.. sounds like miss universe slogan... haha! I myself same same healthy, troubles-free and succeed in gaining myself an internship position and the most important is scoring good grades for this sem! Gotta set off the holiday mode ady! At last, wishing you guys have a prosperous and joyful 2009!